Traction Springboard Program (TSP)

Who is it for?


  • Business operators with over 1 year experience in their business.
  • Executives or Directors looking to level up their teams or departments within an organisation.
  • Coaches who are tired of hitting their sales ceiling and want to scale and manage their time better.
  • Ceo’s with chaotic days - They are money rich but time poor due to poor staff management.
  • Ngo’s looking to get organised and operate efficiently so that they can attract top-tier donors.



  • The Executive Coaching Springboard workbook guides you through key business strategy exercises to ensure you are setting strategic big-picture thinking goals.


  • Practical tools so you don’t have to start from scratch



  • Meeting journal to record progress.


  • Facebook group to report on progress between meetings.



  • Fortnightly Meetings – Live Q&A to ask on how to solve problems that are keeping you stuck.


  • Facebook group – you can ask questions, get advice and encouragement.


  • Private Online Resource Library – to share tools and templates as we go.


  • Recordings of all meetings – watch meetings as many times as you want to.



  • When you see other coaches overcome their challenges you don’t feel alone anymore – you get inspired.


  • When you see other coaches believe in you-you start to believe too.


  • Sometime when you are working by yourself you can hide. You won’t be able to hide in this group. You will get things done.

What you get in the program:


  • 12 weeks of 90-minute coaching meetings


  • Coach Springboard workbook


  • Individual Coach entrepreneur’s checklist and audit – what have you done well and what are you missing to be a successful online or offline brand.


  • Business lifestyle vision so you stay focused on what matters most to you while growing your business


  • Framework for setting strategic goals and creating your plan to attain them


  • Facebook Group for accountability, support, and encouragement between meetings


  • Joining an accountability support council (3-5 people)


  • Private Online Resource Library


  • Private Classroom with replays of all meetings


  • Final growth assessment to see the difference gained every 3 months – Measured results.

About Our Chief Executive Coach:


Aaron Mashano has been coaching and facilitating individual unique success for individuals and large groups for over 15 years. His unique approach stems from the fact that he is at the core, a serial entrepreneur turned executive coach, which means he focuses on guiding, connecting and inspiring others to utilize time-tested business systems and tools that focus on empowering individuals to become leaders who develop and maintain healthy personal lives, in turn help to build healthy families, teams, organizations and communities. They become 360 elegant leaders. Over the last decade he has successfully launched 6 profitable companies across product and service industries, in 5 continents and conducted over 30,000 coaching sessions. Which resulted in supporting over 500 entrepreneurs to launch their own sustainable brands.


So, if you are an Executive Coach who has expertise and experience but wants to contribute in a bigger way by building a scalable business around your practice, then this platform is for you. We will leave you with this quote that inspires us:




“If you are more fortunate than others, it's better to build a longer table than a taller fence.”


Traction Springboard Program (TSP)

  • 12 weekly online Group-Coaching Sessions (approx. 2 hours per session) (Valued at $7,992)
  • 8 system of building a turn key business (Valued at $4,999)
  • 13 principles of 360 elegant leadership and assessment tools (Valued at $11,988)
  • 3 months access to e-skilled skill-share library (Valued at $2,565)
  • 3 months access to Niche Platinum:A Professional Global Marketing Acceleratorplatform that include an online executive skills program (Valued at $3,571)
  • 3 Months Access to Personalized Cloud Account (Valued at $147)
  • 3 Months Access to LOT 360 Tribe (Invaluable)
  • 3 Months Access to LOT 360Tribe LongTable (Invaluable)


              (Total value of over $31,262)


3 Months                 Monthly



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