LOT 360 offers tailored tools and trainings to meet the needs of our clients and partners.

Train Your Team with Work Place Training (LWT)


Sign up for an open cohort program, or run one of the programs below in-house, for your team. We also offer a digital learning platform for companies that want to cultivate continuous learning. Or, we can work with you on a more customized project. Take your team's performance to the next level with this blended program on core professional skills such as personal productivity, planning communication and team-work. [Read more]

Get Structured and Scale with the Traction Springboard Program (TSP)


Professionalize and strengthen micro-enterprises by helping entrepreneurs develop simple but effective organizational practices for resilience and growth. [Read more]

Become a LOT 360 Facilitator  with the Facilitation Accreditation Program (FAP)


Empower aspiring entrepreneurs with this blended program that guides them through the key steps to getting a business off the ground. [Read more]

Get an Effective  Virtual Assistant with our Business Process Outsourcing Solution (BPO)


LOT 360 outsources our quality Virtual Assistants (VA) to busy Entreprenuers who are looking for trained, skilled and proactive Assistants that can accelerate the productivity of any leader looking for an extra edge when it comes to time management and productivity. [Read more]

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